Even though every care is taken, the accuracy of a police check depends on a number of factors and occasionally a police check may be released with incorrect information.

You do have a right to dispute the result of your police check if you claim that:

  • the police information released does not belong to you
  • part of the police information does not belong to the you
  • the police information belongs to you , but the details are inaccurate the police information belongs to you, but should not have been released


What is the process of filing a dispute?

To file your dispute, you must follow these steps:

  • review your police check result
  • advise your accredited body of any incorrect information in the result
  • contact your accredited body to raise a dispute
  • provide all required information and supporting evidence to lodge the dispute form.
  • the police review your result
  • you receive the outcome of dispute (either successful or unsuccessful)

How long will this take?

A police check dispute can take one day or a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity. It takes more time, for example, if the police need to source more information from external sources, such as a Court or another police agency. When the final review is complete by the police, you will be notified immediately via email.

How do I contact you to lodge my dispute?

If you have receive a police check from Crime Check Australia Pty and wish to either discuss or lodge a dispute, please contact via email info@crimecheckaustralia.com.au or using our contact form.