Refund Policy

Payment of Services & Refund Policy

Each time you make a request for Checking Services, you must pay Crime Check by credit card or other method approved by Crime Check in accordance with the fees set out on the Website.

Crime Check Australia will only refund at its own discretion on a case-per-case basis. You will not be eligible for a refund for those services in which You have not:

  1. confirmed that the relevant police check will be acceptable for the purpose(s) you intend to use it for.
  2. provided true and correct information with respect to any relevant police check application;
  3. properly and accurately completed any online application with respect to the relevant police check;
  4. properly provided all consents (including by signing and dating any pre-populated informed consent form) required by Crime Check Australia with respect to the relevant Services; or
  5. properly provided all identification information required by Crime Check Australia with respect to the relevant Services.

Crime Check Australia is not responsible for, and the You acknowledge not being entitled to any refund with respect to:

  1. data entry errors made when inputting information, failure to provide the required details and other information (including identification information), or the provision of false or incorrect information with respect to the relevant police check Application;
  2. the expiry of any application, including where the application expires before You have received the relevant police check;
  3. change of mind after partially or fully completing a police check Application;
  4. selection of the wrong police check type and/or reason for the police check when completing the relevant police check Application; or
  5. failure by to properly complete an Application, including failing to sign, date and return any informed consent form required with respect to the Services the subject of that Application.

In the cases in which Crime Check Australia agrees to a refund, the full amount of the transaction will be refunded to your original method of payment. We do not charge processing or administrative fees for any refund. Your bank or financial institution institution may, however, charge you a small processing fee for the original payment and for receipt of the refund.

To request a refund, You can do so by contacting Us using our contact form, by sending an email to or by calling Us directly on our toll-free number (03) 8400 4453.

When requesting a refund, please specify your first and last name, your DOB and the unique reference code that was sent to you when applying (6 letters). You will also need to specify the reason why You are requesting the refund. Crime Check Australia will then assess the refund request and determine if You are eligible for a refund.

To the full extent permitted by Law, Crime Check Australia reserves the right to deny any refund request on its own discretion.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

If any payment made by you to Crime Check under or relating to the Checking Services constitutes consideration for a taxable supply for the purposes of GST or any similar tax, the amount to be paid for the supply will be increased so that the net amount retained by Crime Check after payment of that GST is the same as if Crime Check was not liable to pay GST in respect of that supply. This provision is subject to any other agreement regarding the payment of GST on specific supplies.

Identity Verification Services

In order to verify your identity electronically in connection with the provision of the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, we may pass on information you provide (such as names, addresses and copies of identification documents) to Commonwealth and State government departments via the Australian Government Document Verification Service (DVS).

DVS will send information, using a secure line, to the issuers of the identification documents where an automated check of that data will verify whether the information provided matches the information held by the issuer. The issuer sends an automatic response via DVS to confirm or deny whether the details match the database records it holds.

By agreeing to these terms of use you agree that:

  1. the information you are providing is correct, accurate and up to date;
  2. that the information you are providing is your personal information and you have authority to provide it to us; and
  3. we may use and disclose your personal information for the purposes of electronic verification as described above.

To ensure compliance with the Document Verification Service requirements, we will explicitly ask you prior for consent in conducting such verification on the DVS, which will be in addition to any informed consent required for the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check service.