I Am From New Zealand. What ID Documents Do I Need?

I Am From New Zealand. What ID Documents Do I Need?

Many people require a National Police Check for work reasons, registry and licensing purposes, and citizenships. A National Police Check (NPC) provides police clearance following a criminal background check on the applicant. The applicant will then receive a National Police Check documenting the results of the background check, disclosing any prior convictions and/or pending charges.

If you are a New Zealand citizen living in Australia, you can still apply for a Police Check Australia. The application process is generally the same, but you will need to provide details of your New Zealand passport.

I Am From New Zealand. What ID Documents Do I Need?

As a New Zealand citizen, you should have been issued with an automatic residency visa when you first entered Australia. You may not have this visa with you, but the details of the visa will be recorded in the Department of Home Affairs visa system.

When you are completing the application form for a police check, you will need to provide the details of your New Zealand passport, including a photo which shows the information clearly. This photo must be provided in both the Commencement and Primary identification categories when requested.

The information from your New Zealand passport will be used to confirm and verify your visa directly from the Department of Home Affairs visa system.

Anybody applying for a police check online whether from Australia or New Zealand will need to provide 4 identity documents. Every applicant must also upload a photo of themselves holding a form of photo ID for verification purposes. This is known as the ‘selfie’ requirement.

4 Identity Documents

  • 1 commencement document (commencement of identity document)
  • 1 primary document (primary use in the community document)
  • 2 secondary documents (secondary use in the community document)

For New Zealand citizens, the 4 identity documents required will include the following:

Commencement Document

  • Australian Visa as proof of your Special Category Visa

Primary Document

  • New Zealand passport (international passport)

Secondary Documents

  • Bank or credit card
  • A Foreign Issued Government Document such as a New Zealand driver’s licence or a New Zealand birth certificate

What Is The Selfie Requirement?

When completing a police check online, you will be asked to take a photo of yourself holding some form of photo ID. The photo must clearly show the details of the ID as well as your face. This verifies your identity as an electronic system cross matches the photo in the ID with your face in the selfie to confirm a match.

Is The Application Process Different For A New Zealand Citizen?

The main difference for the application process between an Australian citizen and a New Zealand citizen is that a clear photo of your New Zealand passport is required in both the Commencement and Primary Identification categories when applying for a police check with Crime Check Australia.

The passport details will be used to verify your residency visa for Australia. If the accredited body is unable to find details of your visa, you will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs and request a copy of your visa.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a National Police Check with Crime Check Australia is as follows:

Volunteer check: $69 incl. GST

Employment check: $99 incl. GST

What Is An Automatic Residency Visa?

An automatic visa issued upon entry to Australia as a New Zealand citizen is called a Special Category Visa (SCV). This is a temporary visa which permits you to live, study and work in Australia as long as you remain a New Zealand citizen.

This visa will be required when you apply for a National Police Check in Australia.

More information on the Special Category Visa can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.

What Is The Department Of Home Affairs?

The Department of Home Affairs is part of the Australian Government. Created in 2017 as part of the Home Affairs Portfolio, the department is responsible for the following policies:

  • National security
  • Law enforcement
  • Transport security
  • Emergency management
  • Counter terrorism
  • Cyber security
  • Countering foreign interference
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Multicultural affairs
  • Countering violent extremism programs

What Is The Department Of Home Affairs VEVO?

The Visa Entitlement Verification Online system known as VEVO is a system that allows individuals to check visa conditions, whether you’re a visa holder, employer or organisation.

If you’re a New Zealand citizen, you can use VEVO to find out information about your visa, and to check its conditions. It is important to note that VEVO only holds information for those who have details available in the system.

Crime Check Australia or whichever accredited body you use to apply for a police check online, will use the details of your New Zealand passport to verify your visa directly with the Department of Home Affairs. However, if the information cannot be located, you will need to contact VEVO and request the details yourself.

What If My Visa Details Cannot Be Found?

Upon entering Australia to live or work, you should have been issued with an automatic residency visa. The details of this visa are stored in the record system of the Department of Home Affairs. Your visa will be verified by the system using the details of your New Zealand passport.

For whatever reason, if your visa details cannot be found, you will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs (VEVO) directly to request it.

How Do I Apply For A Police Check?

To apply for a police check, the process is easy if you have everything you need. The process is as follows:

  • You’ll first need to give your names, contact information and the reason as to why you need a police check (for example, employment purposes)
  • Pay the fees using a debit or credit card
  • Give further details including gender information, date and place of birth, and 5 years of address history
  • Scan or photograph your documents and upload them online, including a photo of yourself holding a form of photo ID (a ‘selfie’)
  • Give consent and submit the completed application form, ensuring all details are consistent and correct

Once your criminal record check is complete and the application is successful, you will receive a document called a National Police Check.

What Personal Information Do I Need To Provide?

As with any Police Check Australia, you will need to provide personal information when completing a police check online. Personal information includes your name (including any previous names), date and place of birth, gender, and residential address history for the last 5 years.

You will also need to provide your email address and phone number so that you may be contacted if any issues arise with your application. You will be contacted directly if the accredited body handling your application believes any of the information to be inaccurate.

Providing your contact details also helps to verify your identity.

What Happens To The Information On My ID Documents?

After completing your NPC application, your information will be assessed thoroughly. All documents will be verified for accuracy and consistency to ensure you are who you say you are. The information will then be cross checked with several databases for confirmation.

What If I Don’t Have The ID Documents Required?

The identity requirements are issued by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and must be met at all times. Strict policies are in place to obtain a National Police Check as a preventative measure against fraud and to protect the individual applying.

The identity documents required are the same across all accredited bodies and NPC providers.

If you do not have the right documents, you may need to apply for new documents from the relevant government authorities. Contact us if you are having problems sourcing documents.

If you are a NZ citizen and are having issues with your visa, you may need to contact Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for further assistance.

What If My Documents Are In Different Names?

All 4 identity documents you provide must be in the same name i.e your primary name. However, if your name has changed for legal purposes such as marriage, you will need to provide evidence of the name change to prove that all names are in fact you. Documented proof includes a marriage certificate or a change of name certificate.

Names must be spelt correctly, with the same format consistent throughout your police check application. Any mistakes from mistypings or misspellings will cause issues with your application and delay the process. You should always make sure you check all information carefully.

What If My Documents Have Expired?

Most identity documents expire after a certain number of years. Unfortunately, expired documents will not be accepted as part of your Australian Police Check. All documents must be valid and in date at the time you submit your NPC application, with the exception of passports which expired under 2 years ago.

If your documents have expired, you must apply for new documents from the relevant agencies.

What If I Have Lived In Australia For Less Than 5 Years?

You can still apply for an Australian Police Check if you have lived there less than 5 years. When completing your application for a police check online, you must provide the address history for where you have lived over the last 5 years. This includes overseas and international addresses.

New Zealand citizens can add international addresses to the application using the ‘Country’ option and adding the relevant locations.

What If There Is A Problem With My ID Documents?

If you have submitted your police check application, the accredited body and relevant police agencies will evaluate your information for accuracy and consistency. During your application, you will have provided contact details including an email address and contact phone number. If there are any problems with the ID documents you provided, Crime Check Australia or the accredited body used will get in touch with you to discuss the problem. You will be advised on what to do next, and how to continue with your police check as soon as possible.

Can I Track The Progress Of My Police Check?

The progress of your police check can be tracked at any time on the status page. You will need to enter your check ID and email address.

I Need More Information About ID Documents. What Can I Do?

For any information relating to an Australian National Police Check, contact Crime Check Australia to speak with customer services. We will assist you further with any concerns or problems you may have with identity documents as a citizen of New Zealand.

Complete the online contact form or send an email to info@crimecheckaustralia.com.au. Alternatively, speak to our customer service team direct on the phone number below:

(03) 8400 4453